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Mr. Darcy
This is an Ask/RP blog for Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. The blog takes place 'out of time'; therefore, it is AU. This character may interact with multiple verses, but major plot interaction must be discussed with the player (Mun). Otherwise, images do not belong to the player and all posts and answers are a work of fiction created for your entertainment. Enjoy!
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“… Good morning, Mr. Darcy,” Elizabeth said, with much reluctance. She had been hoping to complete her solitary morning walk in the way she had intended— solitary. There was not much he could be here for anyways— Mr. Darcy was at Rosings for his aunt, should he not be there to attend her?

"Miss Bennet," he greeted with a small bow. He’d quite taken leave of his senses, as he so often found himself doing while in the proximity of Miss Elizabeth Bennet, and followed her out onto the grounds. He had no notion for what he would say. But he was compelled to be in her presence, much to his disbelief and utter annoyance. 

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Was he mocking her? Una was torn between taking offense and laughing. It wasn’t as though his statements had been incredibly witty, merely unexpected. Of course, the effect was undoubtedly exaggerated by his regal air. “And if you are willing to learn then I am more than willing to teach,” she responded after a time. “It is a pity, not understanding the importance of time. Why, can you imagine a world without any sort of clock or watch? It would be a mess.” That didn’t account for more primitive techniques, such as gauging by the shadow’s length, but Una didn’t think it matter. As far as she was concerned, she had done a good enough job of making her point. Either way, a small part of her wanted to see if and how he would shoot down her assurance.

"Time is no doubt of importance," he acquiesced. "I am simply not one to be governed by it more than can possibly be avoided. Too many are possessed with haunting of things past. While others worry themselves silly over events to come which are, arguably, whether in or out of their control. I content myself with present matters and deal with those in the future as they come. I wonder which party you fall into, Miss Naux." 

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Mr. Darcy, this is Miss Sinclair of Bath. Miss Sinclair, may I introduce you to Mr. Darcy of Pemberley in Derbyshire?

Mr. Darcy bowed swiftly at Miss Sinclair before glancing sideways at Miss Bennet. “I am pleased to meet you, Miss Sinclair. Have you and Miss Bennet been in acquaintance for a lengthy period?” he inquired.

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Good Morning, Mr. Darcy! I hope that you are well.

Good day. Indeed, I am. Though, I am afraid I have not had the honor, and therefore, I am at a disadvantage. It seems you are aware of me, but I lack the introduction of you, miss. I find I am obligated to remedy the fact. 

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Miscreant…Una blinked. That was a word she hadn’t heard in a while, at least not when applied to her. It was nearly stinging. “Sir, I do not mean to seem unseemly. For a short journey such as this I did not even begin to worry about safety. I can assure that were I to travel much further I would not go unaccompanied. Thank you, regardless, for your concern.” She bowed her head, conceding. ”If I may, I must argue that I do not wish to please others recklessly, but that time and the keeping of it is exceedingly important to me. In fact, I would go so far as to say that promptness is quite possibly the ultimate trait a person can have.”

"I have never considered the matter in its entirety, Miss Naux. I assure you, I am more than willing to polish and build upon my education should you be a willing tutor on the subject." Darcy folded his arms behind his back to clasp his wrist in one loose grip. If it were possible, he stood taller with his chin tilted up in a stance of complete gentleman air. Mr. Darcy, instead of running risk of offence, found it prudent to allow her thoughts more than his, often, stinging words. He was not a man to change his nature. However, those in his acquaintance that grew to be his friends learned it was better to accept him as he was than try to correct the situation. Little did the gentleman know, these friends and family discovered it was a quality to love about him at times. 

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Mr. Darcy, have you ever had the pleasure of meeting the Campbell family? I believe they are family friends of Miss Louisa May Alcott. Miss Rose Campbell is quite attractive -- she may have caught your eye had Miss Bennet not had the pleasure.

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Who would you choose?…

He had prepared all of that speech, but wasn’t prepared to say ‘I love you’. He’d written it down and he thought about it and rehearsed it, which is why he rushes there quickly and then he surprises himself by saying ‘I love you.’ It didn’t occured to him, but you can’t help but tell her.

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