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Mr. Darcy
This is an Ask/RP blog for Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. The blog takes place 'out of time'; therefore, it is AU. This character may interact with multiple verses, but major plot interaction must be discussed with the player (Mun). Otherwise, images do not belong to the player and all posts and answers are a work of fiction created for your entertainment. Enjoy!

Who would you choose?…

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  3. zaidapdx answered: Mr. Darcy, definitely. You’d actually have a relationship with him, instead of an explosive mess with Rhett.
  4. izzythehutt answered: Darcy, he would treat me with a lot more respect and kindness. XD
  5. sheislikea answered: Rhett!
  6. ofcourseitstrue answered: Oh easy. Darcy. Rhett is kind of an asshole nearly all the time.
  7. cynrk answered: RHETT. hands down. darcy was a pansy.
  8. ohshitweareoutofcoffee answered: Mr. Darcy
  9. grimasfuckk answered: Rhett Butler<33333
  10. blueyedarlings answered: Rhett Butler
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    Rhett Butler ALL THE WAY!.
  12. a-crooked-heart answered: Mr.Darcy… DUH!
  13. thedovecriesinsanity answered: Mr. Darcy, all the way. ;D
  14. lonelygurl24 answered: Mr. Darcy!!! Oh definitely Mr. Darcy! <3
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  16. cosmic-sorcery answered: OMG i read both books and cant decide… i think i choose Mr darcy..
  17. williamdarcy answered: Darcy, no doubt about it. :)
  18. shewasdramatic answered: hmm tis a hard one… but i think Mr Darcy (he’s hotter and rhett is kinda a pedo so yeah)
  19. dazzledbycarrie answered: Why would you make me choose!….. I guess Rhett. Maybe.
  20. zymette answered: Rhett Butler!<3
  21. a-civilization-gone answered: Rhett Butler; more fun and shinanigans!
  22. yoannarocks answered: Darcy hands down
  23. therealdanyne answered: Rhett Butler. Darcy can be kinda stoic. but Rhett is a firecraker!
  24. rmawr answered: mr.darcy :)
  25. emsie12 answered: Mr. Darcy, hands down.
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